1st June 2014
All A2 teaching for current year 12 students will resume on 9th June 2014. Please make sure you come to classes (following the year 12 timetable) fully equipped to begin your new units. GCSE pupils in year 10 will begin work on their final examination unit, which they will continue to study in year 11.

From September 2014 all students opting for Health and Social Care at sixth form level will follow either the Single GCE course (equivalent to 1 A Level) or the Double GCE course (equivalent to 2 A Levels). These courses are open to all students and entry does not require a GCSE in this subject.  

Note that in September 2014 the year 9 option course in Health and Safety will no longer be available and nor will the BTEC Level 2 Health and Social Care Course, which has, this year, been available at sixth form level.
                                                                                                                               ALT 2014.
5th May 2014
If you are still working on Unit 10 - or if you are in year 12 and about to embark on unit 10:

Google the following: mice-ageing-news for a glimpse into the future from Harvard scientists, Rubin and Melton.

You could include a brief mention somewhere (you could relate to wear and tear theory, genetic ageing theory or include it in your cognitive changes' section, or your introduction or conclusion), but try to resist including a photograph of a mouse.


All revision sessions will focus on Health and Social Care legislation..  Anyone studying either Health GCE (either single or double) can attend any session they think might be useful. 

TUESDAY 7th May 2013 1.15-2.15
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005
the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Amendment) Regulations 2003
The Education Act 1996 (provision for children with special educational needs)
Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
The Community Care (Direct Payments) Act 1996 services.
The Human Rights Act 1998.
The Welfare Reform Act 2009
The Health Act 2009
The Equality Act 2010

WEDNESDAY 8th May 2013 1.15-2.15
Legislation supporting Carers -

The Community Care Act 1990
Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 
Employment Relations Act 1999 
Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000 
Employment Act 2002  Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004.
Work and Families Act 2006 
Childcare Act 2006 
Pensions Act 2007 

THURSDAY 9th May 2013 1.15-2.15
The Community Care Act 1990
The Children Act 1989

All sessions will take place in F1.

ALT 5.5.13
December 2012
Double Health GCE students should note the change to the proposed unit 11 (first teaching 2013-14).   Students following this course will now study Unit 9, not Unit 11.  

7th September 2012 

The new year 9 2012-13 Health and Social Care provides an introduction to health and safety in the home and workplace.  Pupils will be assessed on their research work, which will focus on the provision of first aid in emergencies.
Click on the link to the research by Dr Lorna Warren at Sheffield University into images of ageing.  It was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), one of the main funding bodies for research in the UK.  This is essential viewing for A2 Unit 10 (Care for an Older Individual) Health and Social Care. 

23rd June 2012

Latest - for advice on careers in social care and early years from the Care Council in Wales click on http://www.enewsimages.co.uk/ccw_career_guide/index.htm 

More on the Swansea University Open Day trip on Satuday 30th June 2012 (7 am start and thanks to all parents for driving students into Aberystwyth - particularly those from Tywyn).
Swansea University is the largest provider of Health Care Education in Wales and on those grounds, should be seen if you are remotely interested in this area.  The University has drawn together all health-related disciplines (including Psychology, Health and Social Care and Social Policy) in a Department of Health and Human Sciences -
1)The Complete University Guide for 2011 assessed this Department's Social Work degree programme as being the best in Wales and one of the top ten in the UK.
2) Its Psychology Department was the first in Wales to be given an 'Excellent' rating for the quality of its teaching.
3) It is the first university in Wales to appoint a Professor of Midwifery, Professor Billie Hunter.
4)It has been ranked the best in Wales in a research assessment exercise for Social Work and Social Policy.
5) The university is strongly committed to responding rapidly to changes in health care, social care and medical practice.

This is the link for the Department of Health and Human Sciences (general information)-


This is the link for the Department's Open Day programme only -

Open Day Programme June 30th 2012

Remember I would strongly advise you to try and keep an open mind at this stage and visit other departments whilst you are at the university  (Modern Languages, English, Sciences etc).  This is a decision-making process and the more information you have, the more likely you are to come to a good decision about your future.  

Link for the programme for all university departments -